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Personalized Daily Affirmations Tumbler Glass 25 oz.

Personalized Daily Affirmations Tumbler Glass 25 oz.

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Elevate your self-love journey with our Boho Glass Tumbler Cup! Embrace positivity with daily affirmations like "I trust myself," "I am resilient," and "Manifest it into reality," printed onto this 25 oz. tall glass tumbler. Complete with a bamboo lid and straw, it's the perfect companion for mindful sips on-the-go. Ideal for those on a self-love journey or as a thoughtful gift for loved ones embracing self-improvement. Spread empowerment and positivity with each sip. Trust in your journey and manifest your dreams – one affirmation at a time. #SelfLoveJourney #PositiveAffirmations #BohoVibes #GiftOfEmpowerment

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